Tips For Editing Your Photos

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Adobe Photoshop has long been the standard for photo editing in using a free pc photo editor, did you know it has been around for 26 years? You probably hadn’t heard of it at the time, but now, in addition to professionals, many hobbyists and holidaymakers are also using the program. To make just that one picture more beautiful of the beautiful view of your holiday destination, some knowledge is required. The program has many tools so it is important to pick the right and most valuable ones. In this article, we will give a few tips in Photoshop that will save a lot of time.


A lot of time can be saved with the action option, which allows you to save certain actions and filters so that they can be used quickly on any photo. For example, prepare certain actions; close-ups, a certain view, and a portrait of people. This way you can give all photos with a certain view of the same operation in one operation.


Layers are the great strength of Photoshop, so a photo can be adjusted again and again by sliding something in front of the photo. When the opacity and blending of layers are adjusted, you will get nice effects. One problem people often forget is grouping these layers. For example, you get 20 layers on a photo and then it becomes unclear, so it is wise to group these layers so that it is easy to find. You can even give the group names and colors.

Straighten photo

I can imagine that most hobbyists and holidaymakers use little or no tripod. This can make it and it is impossible (even with a tripod) to set the photo exactly straight. Fortunately, Photoshop as a free pc photo editor, has a way to do this, with the ruler tool you can easily place your photo horizontally and vertically as you want it.


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