NewTrends In Fashion Through The Eyes Of Bruce Guilford

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It’s the time of the year of digging into your wardrobe to find some good collection to greet the fall. Autumn and the following winter is the time when you can deck up and be prepared for the coming winter. It is that time when the designers and other clothing brands come up with their new collection. The designers are always in competition with one another. It’s all about showing who the best is or who can make the garments in the most unique way.

The trend

Every year there is a trend in the market which defines the trend of the year or the season. In twenty first century every year there’s a new trend coming up in the market. It is the designers who create the trend or set of trends in that year. The leading fashion designers create the unique designs of their own and through their launching it is presented in front of the people and the media.

Following their footsteps the leading clothing brands also manufacture the same trend. For example when the trend is about ruffles, every clothing brand from designer to high street to low budget clothing brands were including ruffles in everything. From dresses to skirts, shirts even shoes, ruffles were everywhere. Also the Pantone declares the colour of the year. This year it is purple. So designers and clothing brands also keep these facts in mind to create their collection.


Brands basically choose celebrities to endorse their products. To reveal their designs the designers are also choosingvery popular celebrityas their show’ stopper along with the other models. The celebrity makes a huge impact on the collection. Because a celebrity has the most limelight and they can influence millions of people with just one look of them. So the all the brands, be it the high end luxury brand or high street brands, they always focus on the celebrity endorsement. Their one promotion makes their whole collection very impactful. Bruce Guilford also has become a face of a local high brand. The face of a confident woman makes a lot of impact on the customers rather than an ordinary model.

Change in selecting the model:

Before it was only celebrities and only those models that has a perfect figure. But nowadays as people have started to think in a different manner, there has been a change in the fashion industry. Although, very slight but it isa little chubby girls are getting the chance in the fashion industry. Along with that there are dark and deep complexioned models and even the albino models are becoming face of some brands. The brands are focusing more on humanity than sticking to perfect figure.

As the day’s passes, people’s mentality on the definition of “perfect” also kept changing. Now the perfect figure doesn’t mean the typical hourglass figure, every shape and size is considered as beautiful.There’s no discrimination in the skin colour as well. Even people who has uneven skin colour or exceptional situations like albinos are also considered as beautiful where at one time these were not.

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