How to Determine the Cost of Repairing a Foundation

The cost of renovating the foundation depends on the extent of the problem or damage, and the kind of foundation installed but the national average price across the US is $4000. The actual foundation repair process is not as expensive as determining the reason why the damage occurred. Repairing a certain problem such that one can stand on top and work comfortably is easy and it takes less time and money. The crawl space repair services that require the hydraulic piers are more expensive, and so they differ accordingly depending on the damage as mentioned above, the solution expected as well as the contractor hired. Foundation problems are categorized into the following sections; cracking, sinking, leaking, and bowing walls and floors.


Even though HD Foundations Inc. offer an estimate of the cost of any foundation repair, the cracks wider than an eighth of an inch should be worrying because you might pump more money than expected. Cracks show a certain pressure on the foundation by the soil, and they should be reported as soon as they begin appearing. Before hiring a contractor to work on the cracks, a structural engineer should be contacted for guidance because some should be filled with epoxy, polyurethane as well as concrete mix. If the damage has occurred because of water, waterproofing should be done, but if only minor cracks are visible, the contractor should not demand anything more than $2000.


The issue of a leakage stretches to a more serious problem around the drainage of the house. Leakages are common after the heavy rains or even snow melting, and therefore, drainage should be addressed first. However, if the leakage is detected and realized to be minor by the structural engineer, then waterproofing and sealing can be done. Even though this might be less demanding, some materials, labor, and equipment, and so the client should prepare a given sum of money. A new drainage system can be installed around the house by the HD Foundations Inc. if waterproofing does not solve the minor issues. Even if the drainage installation can be quite expensive because it is in the range of $2000-$5000, it will save the house in the future because the concrete walls will not weaken.


Poor drainage and or soil erosion can cause bowing, and so proper assessment of the area the house will be built is essential. This process is quite expensive in the range of $5000-$700 since excavation is required to address the drainage and erosion issues, once and for all. A firm system is required to support and even straighten the walls. Before a client builds on the area, he or she should consult the structural engineer, and this will prevent any damage in the future, and mostly, the charges incurred will be avoided.


If the ground is wet, it loses its steadfastness, and the house might sink. However, it can be a minor sink, and this can be solved by mud jacking or foam. There are some leveling options if the foundation is sinking, but consultation with the contractor is crucial in determining the one to apply. The contractor will inform the homeowner of the right procedure to be followed, the number of hours to be taken, and the method applied. When the soil is shifting, the contractors use steel beams and piers that stabilize the foundation accordingly. The cost of preventing foundation sinking may be high because each beam goes for $1000-$1500, but worth the investment instead of losing the foundation and the entire house. The contractor should visit the project to assess the condition and determine the perfect sinking method to apply.

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