Different processes followed during the construction of the house

If you are interested to make a new home in Huntsville AL then you have to hire the construction builders who will make the home according to your choice. In construction of the building, many processes are followed and different materials like cement, bricks are used. There are many different construction companies who provide world class services for making beautiful and modern homes according to your requirement. If you want to get the home construction in Huntsville AL then you can hire a good builder for making your home.

Various kinds of process during the home construction

Preparation of site

Before you start any further process, the site should be cleaned and leveled. Sometimes, there is no need to level the site, it totally depends on planning of the construction.

Excavation process

Excavation is process the digging of trenches in ground for making it ready for the foundation substructure of the building. After this process a layer of plain cement concrete is laid down on dug portion before for strengthening the foundation.


Foundation is the lowest part of the building which is in contact to the soil. The structure of the foundation is made too strong because it transfers the load of building from superstructure of the soil and it needs to be extremely strong to handle the load. This process is done after excavating and concreting. You have to check the base of building before pouring the concrete.

Pillar’s beam and slab

After the foundation is built, the ground beam is prepared. After that the masonry is done above the ground beam and concreting the pillars beam is done above that. The empty space between foundation and pillars is filled with the compacted soil.

Super structure –column and masonry process

After pillar slab process, the main structure of the building is started. The columns are brought up and the frame is prepared for further process. After this process the masonry work is started. The walls are prepared with different materials such as bricks, fly ash bricks; cement etc. Masonry work is carried out with cement mortar.

After the numerous processes the building is ready for use.

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