Catering Services: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Menu

Choosing the perfect wedding menu is never easy for any bride and groom. Thankfully, there are myriad of Bay Area catering services that can help in this regard. With about a hundred people or more guests expected at the wedding, it becomes almost impossible to create a menu that hits all the right spots, and that keeps everyone happy and satisfied.

This might cause all concerned to spend several hours pondering over the right mix of starters, main meal, cake and drinks. It isn’t impossible though, and you can come up with a perfect menu that would keep your wedding a memorable event in the minds of all that attends if you adhere to these three simple guidelines.

Lay out your Options

You first need to understand that it is your wedding and while the suggestions of others can be put into consideration, the final decision ultimately lies in your hands. Thus, make sure you are aware of all your options and critically analyze them. It is for this reason that wedding plans are made well ahead of time.

Are you looking to leave the decision for the starters in the hand of your guests by asking them to write what they would like on their reply cards, or do you already have something planned in mind already for these delightful people? Are you looking to go with a traditional setting featuring cultural dishes or are you in the mood for something more contemporary? Is it going to be a buffet service or not? These and many others are questions you ought to ponder critically.

What are Your Favorites?

You are advised to draw up a list of your favorite dishes and check them against the time of year, theme of your wedding meal and other factors that are affecting your choice. This would lead to a gradual elimination of some of the dishes. You can then discuss whatever is left on the list with your caterer or your wedding planner and find out which of the ones remaining they think will be great for your D-day. You stand to be pleased with whatever choice they go with as they are all your favorites in the first place.

Leave it to the Pros

It is true that it is your wedding and that your decision should be final. It would be however wise on your part to let professional catering services do the bulk of the job. It is what they are there for after all, and their rich, successful background in helping couples create memorable wedding experiences makes them more qualified to handle the job than you are. Well except you are well versed in the catering business, you should hire professional wedding catering services. Also, make sure that they work with and incorporate your preferences.

So if you are looking to get married soon, a hearty congrats to you and don’t forget these three guidelines as you strive to create the day of your dreams. Weddings aren’t all about the vows and the dancing; it is also about the delicacies you present your guests with on that special day.

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