Best Models of BMW Cars in India

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BMW is known to be one of the best multinational manufacturers of the car which was started in German. This company is well-known for manufacturing luxury cars in India and all over the world. This company is known to launch no. of cars every year. Let’s see some of the upcoming BMW cars in India in 2019.


This expected launch of this car will be in April 2019 and it can be priced up to Rs 85 Lakhs for ex-showroom, Delhi. This car is fully automatic which runs on diesel with an engine displacement of 2993cc. This car offers a boot space of 326 litres which is slightly higher than the Audi Q7. This car is known to be the badged juggernaut of BMW more rather than the premium SUV model. All the models of the BMW come with the standard white laser light as well as the headlights of LED ranging up to the 600 metres. The front doors of the BMW are small when compared to the rear doors of the cars for accessing the aid of rear seat. This car is known to be one of the best upcoming cars in 2019.


The expected launch time for this car is said to be in the month of May 2019 and the prices of the X4 is estimated to be at Rs 50 Lakhs for Ex-showroom, Delhi. This car has arrived with all the real leather seats and a person can choose among the 5 different colors of cars to buy their desired one. The high-spec variant of the car has arrived with the panoramic roof that is created with the help of the glass making the rear cabin much airy as well as comfortable for a person.

The BMW X4 comes with the iDrive controller and the sport automatic transmission. The engine of this car is mated with the 8-speed super gearbox transmission. The features of X4 are the reason why it has been listed in one of the best upcoming cars of 2019.


The expected launch date of the BMW X2 is expected to be in July 2019 and the price estimated for the car is around 45 Lakhs. The X@ is equipped with the 2.0-litre diesel engine with an engine displacement of 195cc and automatic transmission. The maximum power, as well as torque produced by this car, is 190 bhp and 400 Nm.

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Thus, luxury with the latest features can be possible easily with these cars. These are going to be the top BMW cars in India after their launch.

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